Three Inspection Details To Get When Buying An Older Home

Posted on: 16 October 2017

Older homes can hold some of the best deals, especially for young people and those on a budget. While you will have to work with the bones of an older home, you may be able to make major changes on the interior that make the interior to meet your needs. When you find an older home that you wish to invest in, you should get a more detailed inspection than you would if the home was newer. Here are three inspection details that you need to have looked at specifically before you invest in an old home:

Have an asbestos inspection

Asbestos installation is a material that was used in prior decades but is not know to be a hazardous material. Some old homes that have been empty or remained uninspected for a number of years, might still have asbestos. When you are putting down an offer, insist that you have an insulation inspection to determine the material of the insulation. If the insulation is found to be asbestos, you will need to have this completely removed and changed before anyone can live in the home for any period of time. 

Get the electrical system looked at

An updated electrical system will be vital before you move inside of the home. The electrical system inside of older homes may not be as non-functional as they are non-environmentally friendly. Older homes with older electrical systems tend to have higher electricity bills. Look at the history of the electricity bills of the home, then have the electrical wiring checked. If the wiring is old or made of a material that is less conductive than new wiring, the electrical system should be changed. A new electrical system that is environmentally friendly and consumes less energy will help to modernize the home. 

Roof and window systems

A new roof on an old home is one of the most common inspections to get. In an older home, windows may have caulking that is coming apart or the panes may not be properly fitted into the home structure. Have the roof and the windows checked to determine their safety and age. If either system is aging, it is best to have them changed. When changing the windows, be sure to check the frame sitting around the windows, as a wood frame is easy to deteriorate as time goes on. Heavy paned windows and a new roof will provide the house with better, more adequate protection. 

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